About Us

About Monthly Box

Providing you the most valued priced household products.

Our mission is to provide valued priced essential household products to households and businesses to keep them accessible for all. We strive to keep it simple, hassle free and easy for all. Brands we carry are highly reputable and come direct from brand owners, stockists and distributors.

We believe that our 100% original assurance, reputable brands, valued prices and bundled boxes offer everyone an easier, simpler and more manageable housekeeping experience.






Bundled boxes


More Savings!
And more savings!

Our Bundled Boxes

At Monthly Box, we understand that housekeeping can be cumbersome and we want to keep it simple for you. Our bundled boxes are designed to last a month based on apartment and household size, making our boxes suitable for a monthly one-stop solution.

Our Service To You

We know how uncomfortable it is to be in an unclean environment so we have limited our deliveries next-day only, making sure you get what you need for a sparkling clean space as soon as possible. We embrace trust so when you register with us, we have even more savings in place for you.

Business Concerns

Housekeeping is not limited to households only and so are our boxes. Businesses, whether it is a SME, food stall or an enterprise, needs housekeeping to keep their workplace clean and beautiful. Every business has different spaces to maintain and beautify. We completely understand that and we believe our bundled boxes can help in part.

Brands We Carry: